Iranian satellite launch inspires hundreds of millions

It has been 30 years since the Islamic Revolution ushered in one of the most interesting governmental experiments of the 20th Century.

For the Muslim that is.

Warts and wonders have ensued and the global hegemon and its minions have continually slashed at Iran's hamstrings. Cruelties, atheisms, foolishnesses and corruptions have raised their ugly heads also. Lessons must be learnt from this experience. Nondrunken ones.

Launching a satellite into space isn't THAT exceptional, but unlike an effete Millennium Development Goal or 'Poverty' Reduction Strategy Paper, there is something extremely ballsy about it. Having your own eyes up there monitoring and communicating with your own environment is of great benefit to any nation. Nurturing the expertise to pull off such a feat, in these techno-hegemonic days is something to be written home about. Iran has done this despite severe technological blockading.

It is an expression of confidence, policy continuity and autonomy. I hope it is matched by effective surface-to-air defensive capability.

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