An alignment of bogeys

Its strange the kinds of alliances that are forming these days.
  • 1971 obsessed Bangladeshi seculars rail against any Muslim organisation and dont think twice about allying with Zionists intent on creating a public equation between al quaida and those resisting Occupation with more than their pens.
  • Skanky UK journalists talk to their bedfellows in Bangladesh to create the beautiful idea of the climate terrorist.
  • Jionijom and Zionism look decidedly similar.
I'm sensing a new possible addition to this particular variety of bogey alignment.

Government-speak in the uk is full of terrorism (as it is in Bangladesh). In the past few days the UK government has issued a new policy on countering terrorism and a cabinet minister has tried to wave her willy at the MCB and make one of its office bearers resign. Meanwhile the unfortunately incumbent government in Bangladesh has similar bogeys up its nose.

The Awami-minded Bangladeshi smells rotting flesh in all Islamic philanthropy and is keen to establish blame for the BDR mutiny at the feet of the Islamically orientated. It is annoyed I guess that Muslim Bengalis in Britain have grown more religious in their modernised lives. Awami educational thinkers are eager to reduce the religious character of education, particularly in the madrassa stream.

Without referring to its own dubious funding culture, Awami forces routinely overplay the economic power and influence of their (minor) Islamist rival and continually link it to the terrorist group JMB. Its like some kind of anti-jew propaganda: on the campus, in the media organisation, in the parliament or with Americans around. It will get worse with time.

One of the reasons why I find the Awami political brand annoying and lacking in honour is the ease with which they go crying off to foreign allies for intellectual, economic, financial and military assistance. They are very good at lying and are constituted from that useless bourgeoisie class (sorry, civil society) that have become fat, stupid, aloof and inept on foreign development dollars.

So I think twice over accepting that a British run charity is a knowing supporter of militant training activity. It just ticks too many boxes.


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