That is not the way

Strange court-based news over the passed few days.

A Muslim man who has been in legal limbo and incarceration for years was awarded £60k for being beaten sadistically and abused by uk security forces six years ago. If you dont beleive me his injuries were documented by an expert. What matters is how his appeal against extradition unfolds in the European Court.

Today I rode the tubes and learnt of another story where the 'award' dwarfs this. £400k for an ex-headmistress who stood accused of Islamophobia and Racism, leading her to depression and playing a big role in her decision quit the profession. Her county council (Surrey) was judged to have tolerated 'troublemaking' Muslim governers to a blinding extent and did not support her.

Local government is rather wierd like that. The fear of being accused a racist, especially amongst white people(and ridiculous exploitation of the term), is retarding our ability to improve socially. Needless to say this event pressed all of the buttons of the 'political correctness gone mad' collective, but thats not my interest.

Adjusting for the right wing media family's portrayal, it appears to me like a story of muslim governers participating and engaging rather much with their local state educational infrastructure, and of a primary school head teacher being completely out of her depth.

I wonder what actually happened? Woking mosque is the oldest in the country, features a pretty garden and general elegance, and was built with a donation from the Begum of Bhopal (a queen of India). Muslim parents and citizens have been generally encouraged to take more responsibility in school governance in recent years. I don't think this case of spastication is the general one but it should give us lessons in how not to go about it things.

Where is the edge between our religious rights and taking the piss?

Given that the thinktanks are closed minded and dont actually do research and that the universities are busy reproducing themselves. Where can we know whats going on?

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spastic can you please stop using spastic like an unsophisticated american ... it detracts from the general validity of your argument