Doctor youre in trouble

Let's hear it for Dr Freddie Patel, who said the late Ian Tomlinson died from a heart attack and lent power of expertise to the Met Police excuse machine. A second post mortem reveals he died from internal bleeding. Which makes the uniformed shuor who assaulted him even more heavily culpable.

What a great man, his parents must be real proud. I mean their sonny jim was in the press, he's a doctor you know, and in officialdom at that. yaar.

Freddie, no not Mercury.

Sisters and brothers, comrades and freinds. For too long have we squeezed value out of the Uncle Tom metaphor, either because we think we are black and/or because we can't bring ourselves to utter the word 'baniya' (not that anybody would get the historical significance).

I propose that from this day the Doctor Freddie construct be used for those who ingratiate themselves with power, particularly of the shadda variety, so as to defile their names and 'talent'.


Anonymous said...

Perchance that was just the conclusion he came to? albeit mistaken conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Freddy must be tried for Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice, I tried to do a Google image search to see a picture of him but all the photo links were broken.
daan daan daaaaaaaaaaaaannn

Anonymous said...

This is the same Dr Freddie Patel who let the Camden Ripper go on a killing spree by attributing the cause of death to a prostitute found in the rippers flat as a heart attack. Even though her head had been cracked open and her blood was smeared over the walls.