How Crap are the Police?

They have cast a rather large Arsehole Footprint over the past days. This footprint, much more immediately consequential that anything associated with carbon, has been helped by a Home Minister enfooled by porn, an exploitative Tory Mayor and a Prime Minister who has 'had his go' and should leave before he lets the Torys in.

It is hard for an institution to earn trust and reputation. Behaiving badly and doing PR isnt going to work. Here is their latest report sheet.
  • Incarcerating thousands of civilian protesters for several hours and going ape on the Climate Camp during the G20 meeting that empowered the Inept Malevolent Fantasists by a trillion and was frankly a sideshow for President O-bomber.
  • Causing the death of an innocent bystanding non-protester through general callousness and specific cruelty, then lying heaps about it.
  • Flashing confidential anti-terror intelligence details at the Tory press outside Downing street then hurrying up a bunch of arrests on 'pakistani students' up north.
My default expectation is that the arrests will turn out to be BS as usual. Muhammad Adil, a Liverpool MBA student was captured in the raids, then released had some interesting things to say. The UK exploits its ex colonial master status to pretend to educate folks from the commonwealth. The British Council misleads thousands of young people all over the world every year. This Paki, bless, is going home.

"This has totally changed what I have learned about this country and my
time here...They are clearly identifying Muslim students. It's a big insult …
The first thing I will do is leave this country as soon as possible. The police
officer said your country [Pakistan] is not secure but I still prefer to
live there. I love my country."

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