Lamo Labour on European elections.

One thing that really annoys me about political parties during election times is how they try to cover up their lameness by fear-mongering. Take Harriet Harman's 'stop the BNP' pronouncement. With European elections coming up normal people might struggle to find reasons for voting labour, and an anti rascism platform might seem enough for election to positions at a scale that is hard to imagine.

This drowns out the space for the smaller parties. UK voters would be better placed to populate the European Parliament with Greens and Libdems. They represent the future and we should not drag our feet over getting there.

It is a classic line, "dont vote for what you believe, vote for us, else you are rascist and/or you'll get the Tory party."

Voting for unsuccesful parties is an essential part of transformational politics.

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