Janazatul Ghayb or not?

Its funny how questions are raised sometimes, above others which are far more aching.
Maybe a great socio-spiritual scholar makes an address to a special gathering, and their questions concern ritual cleanliness or some minor mechanics of ritual prayer. There are so many signs in a question.

What is it that you want to know about this situation?

Did he bear witness or not?

As the brit millet continues on its undignified track, we and I, wonder if a great singer of our times was Muslim when he left this world.

So much of our perceived dignity is contained in the answer to this question, wrongly so. I have seen you tube nasheed videos proporting to contain his voice to clumsy slideshow backgrounds construced by folks who sincerely beleive they are carrying the Prophets message to the people.

For the love of Him alone, will you 'daees' please cease?

Its not pleasant to put words into a dead man's mouth, not when its an individual and not when it's many individuals who have suffered death in the context of a favourite interpretation of a political struggle.

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That Mash Guy said...

I posted this elsewhere in regards to questions of his faith and whether to pray Janaza:

If he was I'm sure we'll find out from the way he is buried and I'm sure his brother will pray Janaza whether he was or not.

Duas for the dead shouldn't be based on whether a person was or wasn't Muslim, every human tastes death and every soul returns to it's creator.