Tipaimukh Table tennis

Nobody in desh would like the Tipaimukh dam to be built, diverting precious water from sylhet and other districts downstream. The Indian Nation State has unilaterally built an awful lot of dams on transboundary rivers and routinely dishonours water agreements with Bangladesh. Not only do they withdraw excessively in the dry season, they release water in the monsoon season without warning. Its impacts are mean, destructive and disruptive.

The recently castrated and rather dazed opposition would to well to add its mojo in an alignment with the national interest in a conciliatory way vis-a-vis the Awami League to amplify the national mojo. You see, the Indian High Commissioner has dismissed the concerns of our water engineers and environmentalists (united on this point for once) as 'politically motivated'.

Fork you Pinak Ranjan, you and your symbolic violence can go evaporate.

Such a cooperative stance is tough though. Of course bnp mps read blogs and will follow my advice. Within the current political architecture its almost inconceivable that anything fruitful can be expected.

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