[New Word] Jihadporn

Misplaced, myopic and unbrotherly bandwagoning onto foreign violent struggles. In search of mojo, some can launch themselves into Ummahtic cloud cuckooland and neglect the Tawhesive Imperetive. There are many ways to embody and fly the Ummahtic Flag of Love.


some random bloke said...

when i was a wee lad, there was these khaki trousered jihadi kids that made for themselves a roadshow. they went around making people feeling guilty; we were inferior and just cowards, instead we must make hijrah to the lands of blood and gore, it was religious duty. they went on how we ate at mcdonalds and had milkshakes while there was pillaging and rape. we were bad, bad and very bad. it worked for a while and i felt bad. after the wahabi warriors came the traditionalist and the very traditional guilt trip. we weren't very traditional, we had to go to the levant and be traditional, studying at the feet of the very traditional. people would come back, being traditional, and speak to us with the traditional lingo and mannerisms. we were once again bad and were made to feel bad.

then once upon a time i just snapped out of it, bouts of apathy helped, i noticed that i really couln't care less what they were saying and just said that i'm a loner that reads by himself.

i can say right now that i'm good as free and out of cloud cuckooland. i really am so apathetic to nearly every single trend out there and don't feel the urge to save face and do the mannerisms of anyone, you know being a professional muslim.

some random bloke said...


apt description.

the social situation is laden with images, symbols and language. it is a 'porn' and there are practices to embody narratives of the situation, patterned and with positions. meaning is profoundly interpersonal and our selfhood emerges in relation to the situation. riyaa' is an interpersonal malaise and it is so subtle and just not detected so easily. we need to introspect, even if it is painful, but honest selfhood can only emerge from the pain and pangs of that process of pointing the fingers backwards and looking in the mirror, for your OWN reflection.