Lumley 'Daughter of Nepal' and the Illegal Attacks continue

So the British state propaganda engine report that Joanna Lumley, an actress who took up the cause of Gurkha Benefits was mobbed by well wishers in Kathmandu and lauded by that country's rulers. Her father was a Gurkha regiment officer (used to order them around).

From a British War machine point of view it is understandable, a generation of loyal native informants and proxy forces. Because we are fair and true to our word, we have institutional integrity and value this kind of valour.

And of course the Tories succeeded in making the Government look silly, ungrateful for yet-another-colonial-legacy and weak.
  • But I thought something rather Maoist happened in Nepal?
  • Since when was it cool to serve in a colonial force and constitute that subaltern smile?
  • Does anybody else find something deeply wrong in this scenario?

I wonder if there are any Franz Fanon's amongst the group we are being trained to call Gurkha veterans.

Maybe its just part of the 'respect our boys' campaign thats running throughout the country. We must support our boys in the manner frames by British militarism, even though we know they aren't accomplishing anything, are winning us new enemies and are supressing the Afghani sociopolitical negotiation.

A better policy would to recognise that the UKs marginal political economic importance necessitates a no meddling policy in other countries. That the poison previous ruling elites injected into the world out their is best repented by vacating the space. That offensive/subversive departments in government should be down scale and machismo redirected to alternative energy and sustainable living instead.

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