We are not waving, we're drowning.

A sad scenario for you tonight, I heard two tales of great similitude.


A British Council in Bangladesh which seeks to exploit perceptions of education to earn money by promoting bad education in the UK.

Brave, even foolhardy young people in Bangladesh who see the UK education option favourably to others, and write off warnings as 'jealousy'.

Thousands of 'kids' from desh in the UK this year who are unemployed and cannot afford to continue or return home.

Some of whom have died.



Shak said...

Although this is a probably a cock up on the part of BD, I don't think it's a necessarily bad thing to provide options other than those of a western education (and in turn western "ambition") to those in BD, those elsewhere and even those of us here.

I cringed when I heard the British government wanted to encourage Uni uptake in British Muslim girls. Like we're not messed up already.

fug said...

Bangladesh cocking itself up is a bit of a given.

This heamorraging of young talent epitomises their hopelessness and despair.

Educational diversity defo.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this -- what happened exactly? Why are they unemployed in the UK? On the one year work visa? Perhaps send me a link to something to clarify?