Awami Monkeys ban HT

The Bangladesh Awami League are the most idiotic excuse for a political party and a crying shame on the face of their captive Bangladeshis. They should be finally, and permanently, discredited, and abandoned.

Why the angst?

Well they have just banned Hizbut Tahrir. Why?

For campus-centric non-violent, non-criminal political activity.

To be a political actor worthy of a future in Bangladesh you must sign up to some bastardised political mythology, kill people, beg from foreigners, promote your minions wherever they might be, lie about your history and have a rather poor crude aesthetic.

I think the secularist problem was that as soon as a few people with a little status and education from the west, who had thought for a while about political Islam came to the country without political baggage, their house of cards fell down. It should be interpreted as a shot in the arm for nonsecular political forces.

You see its mainly the children of the 71ers who get into HTism. Their political heritages have been bloodwashed.


Rezwan said...

Well the campus-centric non-violent, non-criminal political activity included preaching Jihad. This is from their website:

জিহাদ বলা হয় আল−আল্লাহর কালিমাকে (বাণী) সবকিছুর উপরে প্রতিষ্ঠিত করার উদ্দেশ্যে আল্লাহর পথে যুদ্ধ করার জন্য সর্বাত্মক প্রচেষ্টা ব্যয় করাকে। তেমনিভাবে সরাসরি দাওয়াত দেওয়া কিংবা দাওয়াতের কাজে ধন সম্পদ দিয়ে, মতামত ও রায় দিয়ে, ব্যাপক জনগণকে এর সাথে সম্পৃক্ত করে অথবা অন্য কোন ভাবে মদদ করাও জিহাদের মধ্যে শামীল। মোট কথা আল−আল্লাহ বাণীকে উচ্চ করা এবং ইসলামকে সম্প্রসারনের জন্য লড়াই করার নাম হচ্ছে জিহাদ। আর এটা একটি ফরয যার দলীল হচ্ছে পবিত্র কুরআনের অনেক আয়াত ও রাসূল (সাঃ) এর বহু সুস্পষ্ট হাদীস।

প্রাথমিকভাবে জিহাদ করা মুসলমানদের জন্য ফরযে কিফায়া। কিন্তু দুশমনের পক্ষ থেকে আক্রমন করা হলে তা ফরযে আইন হয়ে যায়। প্রাথমিক ভাবে ফরযে কেফায়া হওয়ার অর্থ হলো যদি দুশমন আক্রমন নাও করে, তবু আমরা জিহাদ শুরু করব। সুতরাং যদি কোন যুগে কেউ কোথাও জিহাদ না করে, তাহলে সমগ্র মুসলিম উম্মাহ্ গুনাহগার হবে। কারন জিহাদ শুধু মাত্র আত্মরক্ষামূলক বিষয় নয়, বরং এটি হচ্ছে আল্লাহর বাণীকে বুলন্দ করার লড়াই। যদি শক্রর প থেকে আক্রমন নাও হয় তারপরও ইসলামের দাওয়াত ও ইসলামকে সম্প্রসারনের স্বার্থে প্রয়োজন অনুযায়ী খিলাফতের পর থেকে জিহাদের সূচনা করা ফরয।

Now judge yourself.

That Mash Guy said...

would be great if you elaborated on this stuff sometimes. sounds interesting

fug said...

Well that looks pretty much like a pretext to me. Worthy of a Zionist group on a rightwing western uni campus!

I wouldnt want to go into what a secular bangladesh muslim feels they can say on jihad online.

but *socially*

Do you find the words anymore violent and threatening than what the powerful parties in bangladesh say and act upon every day in every town and village?

The terrorists of bangladesh run the place, this is just surreal.

Mash, HT in Bangladesh are intriguing. They seem to progress because people there love white people and white symbols of status.

What miffs a lot of people off is that they (HT) cannot be bagged with jamat-e-islami as they weren't present during 1971. As a result the usual secular innoculation (demonisation, marginalisation) against strains of political islam doesnt work too well.

HEnse the banning. I wonder it qWillyum have a hand in this? Ed Hussain tends to come across all embarrassed at being Bangladeshi, but maybe there was a buck in it?!?

The question I ponder about is what an Islamic Left would look like in desh today. It couldnt evolve earlier because of the Cold War and the atheism factor.

Note: leftist = trendy atheist and rightist = backward religionist in deshi shorthand. I wish it were different.

HT have had their protest moments. I remember their participation during the issue of the Indian Tipaimukh dam several years ago. Other political groups cooperated with them like mature people. Then there was a moment more recently during the Care Taker Government, when we had our own cartoon protest moment.

It sent the yaar class liberals into a spin and the state was rather bemused.

These werent lower class madrassa wallas to be written of as unmodern peasants. These guys had some graphic design going on.

Its hard to say whats behind this banning. A lot of people would support it, it wins the government TWAT points with allies thats for sure. It might be the start of a trend during this government, intolerant as it is of unsecularism.

Clear as mud?