Stabbing for Justice in Iraq

I do honestly wonder when it was that Anwar al Awlaki transformed from public islamic scholar into 'preacher of hate' and 'AQs spiritual leader in yemen'. Following the train of whiteous indignation doesn't really help. I want to know what flipped his switch or is this a category error. You see he is not in my cross hairs, my hairs do not meet in a cross. Yet I am cross.

One cannot take imperial labelling at face value, either. I pity the jury that has to made head or tail of these matters. Their every judgement will probably be unjust and wrong. I think some of the answers to these questions will be found in the heads of white people interpreting 4 lions and in the closed environments of jury deliberations of certain criminal cases.

Which is why the case of the Stephen Timms MP stabber is interesting. As well as being a sad and pathetic waste of talent, it defies the gender/discipline/race characterisation of the 'al kaida inspired'. That is assuming that listening to al awlaki on youtube is 'self radicalising'.

Where does her responsibility start and end? Anwar al awlaki is held responsibly for this specific act as a youtube video was viewed.

Roshanara C is going to spend a lot of time in jail. British MPs who aided and abetted the destruction of iraq will spend no jail time. They are shielded from accountability and justice by moronic force fields that I cant quite fathom.

Arguments, if you could call them arguments, of 'We didnt know it would end up like this' bleed into arguments of 'Saddam was worse' and 'How is this helping iraq?'

Meanwhile, theres an interesting Turkish film out in a couple of days.

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