City of Fear

A dispatches documentary which aired on Channel 4 last night.

Its a view of the bereaved victims of suicide bombings in Islamabad in recent years, including one ar the Islamic University. Shows the english speaking police meeting and talking to cameras which felt unusual, but it is Islamabad, the admin capital.

Anybody remember Karachi cops?

Such a documentary would not have been aired in Pakistan, but was tailored for the UK audience. Struck me how the scale of the problem is so different in Pak. I'm used to hearing twisted BS in the UK and secularist opportunist idiocy in Desh amplifying and blamestorming. Lots of heat and no light.

The UK, and the west in general simply use the violent threat as a legitimation tool, ploughing large amounts of resources into a peripheral physical threat. However, cities of Pakistan, mosques, universities, international 'development' institutions etc. face these threats continually.

This reality really puts whiteously indignant complaints about Pakistan and TWAT into perspective.

The situation and experience frames the fanatic problem differently. Duas to folks figuring out what is going on, avoiding the self serving logics churned out by the extremism policy industry and its clients.

And acting to complete a vision of a country that promised so much more.

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