Imam Razi and Akhlaqi Londoni

Went to an introduction to tafsir course in the weekend. One of the scholars that came up was Imam Razi, a Persian Muffassir. His arabic text is here if that helps.

Anyway, a translation of his works on ethics has been scanned and posted up on that wonderful repository Muslim Philosophy. I am looking forward to going through it, a friend just returned Aklaqi Nasiri, which was amazing.

I once had an ambition to commission/produce an Akhlaqi Londoni, a substantial and systematic socio-spiritual tome of practical ethics in the here and now. Its like noah's ark out there. Creative, generative guidelines for principled dealings with Allah, people and the world. Its what Tariq Ramadan calls for quite repeatedly but its difficult to embody. Embodiment in practice is how we've proceeded traditionally. I wonder if anyone out there is doing it and writing it.

I wonder how the contents page would read.

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