Bangladesh's own self serving Terrorism traders

Let us join together and laugh at the idiotic national security developmentia that is the Bangladesh Enterprise Insitute's 'The State of Terrorism Report' . It looks like the Danish Embassy plunged three years of money into creating to bullshit tool that people in the terrorism industry can bandy about with 'authority' for a while. To its credit it giver the resistive reader some idea of the lengths the government has gone to territorialise the security agenda and suckle on the teats of Empire.

Firstly, will somebody in desh corner Farooq Sobhan and those involved in the report, and slap them around a bit with a great big wet fish.

The sources are characteristically poor. Shahriar Kabir crops up quite a bit, and its publically quite well known that he's a RAW agent, also featuring are Developmentshire, shady (in)security think tanks, gratituous self reference, the Daily Star and the Indian media.

It looks like your usual Blame madrassas! Its poverty! All hail our secularity! nonsense making that is the charactersitic arsehole footprint of unfortunate Bangladesh's fortunately declining policy gatekeepers.  The report's crowning incredulity is the framing of Hizbut Tahrir as a terrorist organisation. A meme that has been carried in local developmentia's English-language mouthpiece The Daily Star.

I think it shows the depth of ideological insecurity amongst certain quarters to make a move like that. They see their sons and daughters, allegedly educated people, attracted to an Islam-sprung ideology and can't for the life of them understand what is going on outside their bubbles. Whatever the confusion, it is despicable that they should exploit the terrorism slur in these WarOnTerrorTimes, when HT have no record on this.

The everyday insecurity of the ordinary Bangladeshi people comes from the violence of everyday life, criminality, extortion and the banditry of the major political parties. Public interest research and intervention would target that, not The Empire's chief distraction tactic, carrot and stick.

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