[New Word] Liberation Mortgage

Often in near history we have the tale of a group seeking national liberation but holding insufficient power to pull it off and falling from the frying pan into the fire because they have to take out a Liberation Mortgage.

The consequence of the Liberation Mortgage is that your autonomy is severely hampered as the power that made you have their tendrils inside of you.

The prime example from my life is Bangladesh and its 1971 birthing with the active assistance of India. Had the leadership been different, it should have been prosecuted without resorting to an alliance to a hostile neighbour.

Today we have Libya, the new apparent rulers of which took a mortgage out with NATO, the single more violent, militant and powerful organisation on earth. Iraq and Afghanistan too.

A counter example for is China, Chairman Mao gave the USSR the finger in 1961 and they turned in on their own experimantal selves. Today they dont really have any mortgage repayments to keep up.

Fly free your excellencies. remeber to make a large deposite and seek only small symbolic partnerships. Partnerships from dignified equals, not empires. There are no shortcuts.

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