On Prevent: What to do

Seems to me that resistance to this campaign particular campaign by the British Government to produce docile Muslim subjects is growing and needs to be both broadened and deepened.  I suspect its intimately tied with the discovery, creation and exercise of ummahtic mojo.

Here's what folks can do.
  1. Read this dossier on PREVENT
  2. Highlight the experiences and ordeals of those at the bum end of the Project to Produce Docile Muslims
  3. Sharpen awareness of whats going on around us in legislation, institutional policies and everyday life
  4. Convey the experiences of those who have previously engaged with this shit
  5. Encourage radical forms of expression, action and imagination
  6. Delegitimate engagement and engagers
  7. Lampoon and spit upon ideological foundations of the project
  8. Reward creative - disengagement with social dignity
  9. Share best resistance practice
I do so hope that you share this good news with others.

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