[New Word] The Musalmoaner

Usually hailing from a Muslim family background, the musalmoaner indulges himself or herself in a kind of faithmail whereby the possibility of their belief hinges on the capacity of their local ummah to deliver the social goods they desire. The category of musalmoaner tries to capture that alienated positionality that misrecognises belief in God, His Speech and His Messenger for a big ready-made contiguous socio-political infrastructure that submits to the musalmoaners prioritisation instantaneously.

Demonstrably intelligent in other domains, the musalmoaner becomes stuck on issues like: 'Muslims do bad things', 'Praying doesnt seem to have positive impact on Muslim behaviour, from what I can see',  'Muslims bully me' and the general theme of 'I can't be part of a culturally degenerate group, guffaw'. 

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