Occupy London: Serenity at St Paul's Cathedral

Stayed over last night, clear cold and full on thinkings and voicings. very inspiring indeed.A good 100 or so tents have been pitched up outside the iconic religious space as people take encouragement from occupy wall streets efforts over the past month. Along with people in hundreds of cities on this great Earth.

If you found demonstrations impersonal and mob-like.
If you'd like to contribute to a process of ..building a global empathic civilisation.
If you enjoy heckling the footsoldiers drinking from the teat of Muther Capitali with a good sense of humour, you should join the 'work run'.
Or maybe you just want to talk to someone and connect with others who feel moved enough to show up.
Maybe dont consider yourself on the left cheek and still think there is something terribly wrong with the way things are going.

Please do try and visit /support as best you can.

Niyyat is to last through winter . #occupylondon #occupylsx

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