[New Word] Envornamentalism

Well its a reprise of an old one that was just too clunky. 

Envornamentalism is about the superficiality with which we may have thought of the world in the past. Maybe we still see planting a few trees as doing our bit, or conservation as the critical value for politics and ethics of the environment.

It is an abdication of painful truth that humanity, bani al insan, needs to start seeing and being in the world differently so as to accord everyone and everything their right. For example, in line with the People's Aggreement of Cochabamba  we might give all species the rights of genetic integrity.

There is another technocratic form that bureaucracies are guilty of, and that is the ticking of boxes for awards, organisational leverage or simply legislative compliance. This is second generation envornamentalism.

This second generation has caused climate change to be split in two insulated chunks, Mitigation and Adaptation.  Insulated that is unless you want to pay sombody off...

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