Guys, they got Ramadhan.

Allah is truly amazing in the anti - examples he has sent forth to us, so we might learn what not to be and strive for integrity. Today I would like to share the bad news that the professionationalist , britentious, mourgeouisie complex have found it in themselves to hold a Ramadan Festival: Olympics Special this year. I consider this yeast for reflection and alterity. Another world is possible.

In a move that probably resembles a sign of the end of times, a month of piety, revelation and spiritual athleticism has been corporately branded in association with the London 2012 Olympics. I have reported the matter to the Official Protesters of the London 2012 Games, SpaceHijackers.

The revolting organisation leading this charge of neoliberal Islam is the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), or as we know know it, the

They are partnered by the City Circle and the CEDAR network, which is a pan European version of City Circle. These are both SMEs, Small to Medium-sized Entwerprises who most likely realise the truth of the matter deep inside themselves and are playing along for PR reasons.  City Circle has historically made ummahtic contributions but now runs on fumes and tokenism.

ISB is not an SME, it behaves more like a corporate entity, possesses a hierarchichal bro-ocracy and has roots. It has wider membership, structure and youth wings and a rather vanilla lifestyle magazine called emel. It is a perfect government target to capture, produce and discipline Muslims. When is messes up and misleads, it infects multitudes. Now, there are going to be hundreds of sincere people committed to this extreme consumerisation of Ramadhan, camoflaged with layers of happy clappy shit.

Many of us have friends who were nurtured by the ISB system which had and iA still has virtues. Some of us have friends who gave them the finger and moved onto greener pastures as the organisation lost all backbone, testicles and ovaries. There is no need for holy cows or ummahtic protectionism as we are no longer talking about the organisational culture cultivated by people like late Ustadh Khurram Murad. The Remainders at the helm have a collective post 9/11 decay curve that shows all the hallmarks of terminal illness. Take for example their airbrushing out of historical founder Maulana Moududi to appear palateable to power.  Allahumma grant them Shifa in honeyed sarcofagi.

The Remainders have decided upon a rather graceless and undignified route of influence seeking and social climbing. As is the modus operandi for this kind of metrosexually inadequate Misslamic disorganisation, they hide behind white convert females. I mean its hard to imagine how to give them the bollocking they deserve for this without the triple-point-silencer striking preemptively causing auto-sheepishness. Slap'n'Hug, my favoured method of brotherly reform doesn't work in a space where whiteness is a structurally reinforced virtue and you cant really hug people like this because of mahramity issues.

Songs will be sung about the Olympian shamelessness and lack of irony of this Ramadan Festival 'Inspired by 2012' tat; then appended to Royal Borough's, the GLA's and LOCOCK's utter superficiality.

There are so many levels at which these Olympics and Ramadhan are incoherent and listing them all will take days. Don't shoot, I'm harmless. How startlingly Eurocentric that a universal world event is even happening at a time when a quarter of our human family is fasting? Isn't it strange that more decolonial countries aren't boycotting our nation's human rights abuses, international terror, rendering, sex tourism and the scary militarisation of London?

I pity and lampoon the Ramadan Festival, but it is a classic ISB move to pull. As someone put it today, "its boring people being boring". Many of the ideas that they have appropriated were good ones, not owned by anyone but demonstrated locally by alternative non cultish movements to embody the spirit of Ramadhan over the past few years. The Islamic Society of Kittens has sold Ramadhan and undermined efforts to unsell it by adopting intentionally decommodifying methods of free flowing, nonbranded unconditional ummah love, commodifying and packaging them in the service of crapital, big society and organisational politics.  Who's bumwave is it anyway?

The irritation of the Quilliam Foundation is widely recognised in the UK Millet, but as an SME they don't really have much influence on us directly, they talk to white power. Corporate ISB moving further towards the darkness should be more of a worry. Their minions are becoming more deeply embedded in government and establishment, briefing against alternatives options and entrenching Isoc mentalities. This has been a problem in the Ummah as long as their have been Pakis. We need to establish routes out of this life of gigalohood, it cant be good rizk to be a native informant.

Non institutional forms of being Muslim must be grown into this reality. The whole world is a masjid. We live in constellations not hierarchical tree diagrams. This movement failed and is now selling its real estate and infrastructure.

This sorry story is a blessing, because as I mentioned right at the start, it provides something to grip upon and throttle. May we take lessons from Adbuster's Tactical Briefings, try new methods and remember the goal.

Jumma Mubarak.


Julie Siddiqi said...

Hi 'Fug', salam.

Not sure I fully understand what it is you are trying to say in your blog. One thing is for sure, you seem to have misunderstood what the Ramadan Festival is / is not. It's the obvious combination, to invite people who are not Muslim to Iftars and community events during Ramadan. To get Muslims feeding the homeless and working with people less fortunate. We have linked that to the spirit of the Olympics because the two are coming at the same time. It's things we should all be doing anyway but let's face it, Muslims are not good enough at it. Muslims are great at giving millions of £££ during marathon fundraisers on TV channels but when it comes to giving food or giving of ourselves, we are simply not doing enough. This of course is not meant to be the beginning and the end of that but I hope it will be a good chance for people to start and realise it's easy and very rewarding. Such a shame I don't know who you are, I do wonder if we have met before though? You mention 'white convert' , no idea what the relevance of that was but I presume that is more than just a coincidence and you are talking about me? Let's have a coffee sometime and do explain the relevance of that, I'm intrigued. You are also invited to come to our conference on 23rd June "what do British Muslims want" - you seem to have some opinions about that, do come and share them with us all, you would have to tell us who you are then though, unless you wear a mask or something ;) Kind regards. Julie Siddiqi, Executive Director, ISB. Ramadan Festival co-ordinator ramadanfestival.org

Fugstar said...

Assalamoulaykum 'Julie',

Thankyou for your comment. I agree, you certainly haven't understood much of what I wrote, which is perfectly fine.

I would like to learn more about why isb feels compelled to brand and murder the meaning out of everything that is sacred.

Julie Siddiqi said...


You don't need to use quote marks, that is my name. Presuming yours isn't Fug, hence the need for me to use those. Shall I just call you Fug then?
Sorry, don't know what you mean. What else have we branded and murdered that is sacred and why are you so anti the RF, I still don't get it?
Can you make it on the 23rd? Complimentary ticket is there for you :-)

Fugstar said...

Wa alaykum Assalam

A lot of people call me Fug, you may.

I am happy that you accept the charge of branding and (attempted) murder of Ramadan, but do not often think of your organisation so regretably cannot do your research for you.

Two Thousand and Eleven thankyous for the kind invitation to your august gathering but that day I have some commitments to causes and people that I love.

I am always happy to engage with Muslims vulnerable to consumerisation, commodification and naffness. Furthermore, I would like to make this Ramadan Festival a case study of Developmentia in the UK.

So please enlighten me.

Why do you propagate such a rose-tinted view of the Olympics movement?

Do you not see any irony in delivering Ramadan as a product to the most commercialised brand-obsessed Olympics of all time?

Ahmed said...

Nail on the head above RE Rose-tinted view of the Olympics. Muslim groups should be critical of these games which have the most negative impact on the deprived Muslim communities of East London.

Anonymous said...

Julie is twice the person you are Fuad, you semi-literate cockend. What, swallowed a Noam Chomsky did we? Mug.

Fugstar said...

oh hello faisal gazi/spitoon. not read much chomsky tbh. trust you not to take it personal. go away.

Akkas Al-Ali said...

The deplorable mimicry of the petit bourgeoisie whose desire is to exploit one of the pillars of Islam to demonstrate their obeisance to a neoliberal state. Anyone who still thinks the Olympics are a good thing for London and the so-called "Olympic boroughs" needs his/her head re-examining.

But why are we surprised by this? The people who run these organisations are themselves entrenched in the corporate world. This "progressive" Islam is nothing but an act of deceit: it is but an instrument for neoliberalism.

Anonymous said...

The Ramadan Festival inspired by London 2012... Are you F***** kidding me!!!

Nice one Fug Bhaaai.