Bangladesh, The Rohingyas and Myanmar

The Myanmar government is openly calling for mass deportation, in effect ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas who it has been demonising for some time.

IF the government of Bangladesh had courage, strength and morality it would intervene in all kinds of fashions, one of which would be to receive incoming displacees another which might be to push well beyond the Naf River, deep into Myanmar to demonstrate a few things.

We are too busy playing with crappy development projects, suckling of 'peacekeeper contracts and eating our own faces to project dignity into our surrounding neighbours.

This neednt be the case.

As the petty folks of Bangladesh argue about infantalising writer Humayun Ahmed's death and bitch about his (ex)wife. As the Bangladesh government pushes refugees back wherever it can, prevents organisations from  helping along the borderand denyies the rights of the oppressed.

Myanmarese Buddhist monks, once poster boys for oriental democracy have demonstrated their worth through rascist, ethnocidal tendancies.

Imran Khan's PTI party have taken a stand 

The OIC has been outspoken on this.

The IHH, a courageous Turkish organisation that sent the flotilla in to Gaza, has been reporting and intervening.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Davudoglu and the President's wife have taken a delegation to Myanmar to set up a diplomatic bridge and direct access to Arakan.

South Africans march for the Rohingyas

and the mosques of Britain raise awareness through jumma.

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