The River Displaced

Ya Allah, open up the doors of strength and prosperity for the families and communities by the rivers in Bangladesh.
That our political, epistemic and engineering society may flourish to protect their lives, property, dignity and progeny.
By the Jamuna.

Allahumma protect them from the ill impacts of being ignored, or being the victims of developmentees and developmentors.
Grant them, grant us a better leadership guided by Your Speech to navigate these uncertain times.
Deliver us from the Awami League, and its mirror parties towards something altogether more generative.

These people, who libel the oppressed Rohingyas fleeing over the Naaf as 'extremist fundamentalists' , beg the world for development dollars, defy the responsibility of being Ansar and prevent others from helping the Rohingyas themselves.
They do not belong in the front of our ranks.

The Rivers Naaf and Jamuna bring such sorrow and trial these days.
Cascading through the lives of thousands away from the boom microphones of the corporate musalmedia.
Ya Haqq. 

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