[New Islamic Institution] Khutbas from the Kitchen

Altering the power:recognition relations between the built, lived environment and the politics of ummahtic mojo, Khutbas from the Kitchen intervene in our everyday lives to help us embody Islamic principles in our relations with creation, not least the food system, family and the distribution of creative labour.

Competing with stupid pakis over reclaiming the mimbar and the mosque is probably a useful expenditure of some people's energy, but must not blind us to the  potential of networking and reimagining our existing networked ummahstuctures to resist and superscede the ummahtic spastications endlessly pouring out of Islam Channel, PeaceTV, ISB, the Quilliam Foundation, Saudi Arabia/America and the continent formerly known as Dinia.

Come dine with me this fucking well isnt.

*Waits for concept to get appropriated by Brotherhood of Neoliberal Muslims*
*Shayks fist*

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Ozzy Nujjoo said...

Thank you for the post. Just as a reminder brother, please try to avoid swearing.

The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam) said: “A Muslim is not a person who slanders, curses, speaks obscene words or is abusive." [Ahmed, Tirmidhi]

In another hadeeth, he said: “The majority of man’s sins emanate from his tongue.” [At-Tabarani]

No offence intended towards you. You need not publish this comment, I just wanted it to reach you.