Dhaka and the Developmentia Dollar

A representation of capital transfer
Jyoti Rahman imagined a fascinating research agenda for Bangladesh the other day, problematising a few holy cows of developmentshire and confirming some very socially present and legitimate curiosities. Its long overdue for folks who are interested in getting their fingers through public relations arguments and into the essence of things.

From the above, inflation notwithstanding, it looks like developmentor-developmentee field strength has doubled in strength between now and the last BNP time. There's also, usually, a subsidence in the force during regime shifts, and that Donor Military Care Taker Government boost is noteworthy.

These are just number collected by technocrats at the end of the day, convenient fictions. In social life can look at the movement and alignment of personnel to explain the changes in flux, and we can listen for the induction/repulsion of developmentia amongst their victim/beneficiaries.

Developmentshire is a space configured by three main actors. With this diagram we make their relations and transactions explicit and issue an appeal to destabilise and vacate the farce.

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