[Documentary] Regarding Ali: The memories, and thoughts of Dr. Ali Shariati

This loving film is a good introduction to a personality who challenged static vested religion and whose contributions call out to our political hungers and still speak to our times and situations.

Ali Shariati (1933-1977) was an Iranian Political, religious thinker who enlivened the religious intellectual and justice seeking natures of his people suffering under the Shah. He was assassinated in the UK before the Iranian Revolution  in 1979.

For several years he would inspire and move student audiences with lectures at a progressive religious institution called Hussainiye Ershad in Tehran. His appeal transcended sector and class, and unsurprisingly he suffered the censure of the Shah's Government and was apparently disapproved of by Khomeini.

Many of his writings are translated and available online, for example on Hajj. He also wrote on and at the Islam/Marxism interface. It would have been interesting to see what he made of the country that emerged after his martyrdom.

The documentary is in 2 parts, total running time 77 mins.

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