From My Lai to Motijheel

And so
the white left
the anniversary
of a white supremacist massacre
in Vietnam.

They call it My Lai

by interviewing
the white lefty journalist
who 'broke' the news
to the white audience
participants in the killings
which didn't stop
until they were beaten.

HypocrisyNow dot Org
the war and peace report
I love you Amy Goodman
But don't you see 
the systemic flaw here?

The same flaw
That helped you to ignore
Just days after 
The Rana Plaza disaster
That didn't suit 
A white lefty storyline.

Despite State Department's

Its not just you
Its my middle class tools.

So lets introspect
On the wolves 
In sheeps clothing

Oh My Golden Bengal

How will your 'progressives'
(Mis)remember that night,
And the hustling that ensued.

Will Jahangirnagar's journalists
Of 2023
Recall their selfless bravery


Here's to the progeny,
The timekeepers, 
Of the gatekeepers
Who covered it up.
We rage and wish truth to you.

Recognise these bastards for who they are.
What they have done
And what they have spun


Benazir Ahmed of the Dhaka Met Police
And his band of merry suchilists
Mahfuz and Tahmima 'Transcom' Anam
Rehman and Zafar 'Gencom' Sobhan
Doctor Kamal and Sara 'Skypegate' Hossein,
Bergman and Sabir Mustafa 
very much part of the game.

If you think for one moment
That this power elite
Wish equality
Then your mind
Is evidently
Full of shit.

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