Towards Decolonising Top Gear: Reflections on the Jeremy Clarkson and Motor Car Affairs

Clarkson embodies a lot of what is wrong about us, our vehicular and development imaginary. Whether he is held accountable for recently punching his producer racistly, in the face, remains to be seen. 

As a youth I was radicalised by Top Gear in a way that thankfully hasn't caused all that much harm to others alive now, or to come. With that knowledge, I would like to propose some transformative reforms to the programme and invite yours.

1) Dismiss JC
2) Hire Ainsley Harroit the chef and Caroline Lucas the politician to cofront it..
3) Reorient programme's creative direction towards ecological principles.
4) Included other geared and wheeled machines, like bicycles, pushchairs, electric toothbrushes and escalators.
5) Headline Vehicular Vanity as a negative.
6) Include the voices of vehicular workers at all stages of the life cycle.
7) Sow the seeds of the critique of neoliberal fossil fueled capital in the audience.
8) Inform the public about the lives lost and the communities subverted by cars, roads and the dangers they propose to humans.
9) Feature more cyclist - automobile dialogues.
10) Institutionalise a declining carbon budget for the show.

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