[New Word] Malalafication

To pulled out of the zone of nonbeing, brown and usually female, and rendered into a multifaceted toolbox of Empire. Truthful realisation and justice to the world.


A few days back pro Bangladesh government journalist hack Nadia Sharmeen was awarded for Courage by the US State Department, the same agency that helped to cover up the Dhaka Massacre after the Dhaka Blockade protest of 5th May 2013, and which trained the police afterwards on how to manage better next time.

Whatever happened, and what precipitated whatever happened to the Ekushey TV journalist during the Long March Protest in Dhaka on 5th April 2013, should be investigated. Given what we know about the bullshit in the air from NGOs like ASK and the press at the time, it is very likely not to coincide with the Shahbag movement orientated storyline fed to the Committee for the Protection of Journalists. 

After the attack, Ms Sharmeen's migration from ETV to Ekkator TV, a very rancid pro Awami league channel, is quite telling.

Anyway, here is the interesting and celebratory text from the US state department, which beg questions of the ETV editor's side of the story and those people who associated with the protest who are alleged to have flouted the organiser's policy to return provocations with the names of God. As is probably intended by the Developmentor here, the targets for imperial transfromation and dehumanisation here are the comparative status of the multiple concurrently running norms of gender accompaniment practices in Bangladeshi society in the White Liberal Gaze.

Nadia Sharmeen is a journalist and fierce women’s rights activist. She had wanted to be a journalist since middle school, so it was not surprising when she joined the Bangladeshi press corps. Two years ago, Nadia was assigned to cover a rally on the streets of Dhaka organized by fundamentalist organizations whose platform called for putting a ban on men and women mixing in public. Nadia worked this event despite the hostile crowd and its platform of hate. But the respect she showed them wasn’t returned. Verbal lashes turned into violence as a crowd beat and kicked her. Nadia was nearly killed.

Some say that a writer is only as good as their editor. The opposite can also be true. Nadia’s editors refused to cover her medical expenses and forced her to resign. Nadia could have turned her press credentials in, but she didn’t. Today, she is back on her feet, working the crime beat for a different TV station. She has even returned to covering conservative rallies, undaunted by those who would rather see her battered and bruised than on the airwaves.

For her bravery in the face of condemnation, threats, and physical violence, we honor Nadia Sharmeen as a woman of courage. 

Read more: http://translations.state.gov/st/english/texttrans/2015/03/20150309313950.html#ixzz3VVd91XDN

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