Archbishop, Shariah and Loya Jirga

There has been a big symbolic kerfuffle concerning the Archbishop of Canterbury's speech on "Civil and Religious Law in Britain - A Religious Perspective". He is quite the Professor Dumbledore, only the british arent too quick to recognise this fact.

Yahya Birt has written on the matter here . If you'd like to learn some more about Shariah, Bite Size Islam is doing a good service. He starts with the objectives of the sharia, which is as good a place as any to start from and builds from there.

Its quite saddening to see a motley crew of opportunists and stupid people jumping into a field they are ignorant about to stab Islamic Legal Culture as the barbarianism at the gates. It is also quite revealing to see how crass 'femenism' seems in the lips of neocons and erm.. 'cultural muslims'. I guess it appeals to the media confusion machine because it links to so many of their other creations over the years.

Im not a lawyer, so when i think of better dispute resolution and mediation in families and communities i think of wise counsel, based on principles, stocked with experience and spirit. Just like there is a philosophy and meaning to the act of making a can of coke, so there is to solving any human problem.

At present, the Millet of Britain doesn't not know itelf and is not mature enough to selfconfidently pull of a loya jirga (to use someone else's term) type space of its own. In this space festering divisions could be fixed creatively, eid on one day would be sorted and the great questions of our time addressed with the seriousness and devotion they require, rather than with soundbites and white lies. The demands of such a space are higher than the Millet can acheive at present.

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