Ralph Nader is running.

So he is one of the coolest men on this earth and has shown us youngies what consumer activism can be. He has decided to run for President again. His Campaign website is here. In the article below witness his uncommon wisdom on the issue of him 'robbing the democrats of victory' and on 'the only ageing is the erosion of principles'. The manner of Obama's comment on Nader's standards being too high for anybody to meet was neat.

Here is an article from the NYT political blog. If I were relevant to the leadership choice, I would put my loyalty with Nader, join the campaign and learn some spineful political craft from the murrabi (elder).
Some of the folks being creative and on the Democrat side have sent a message to Nader. I don't agree with the sentiment, but it's amusing nonetheless. Sad how its not just salafis who seem bound by conscience to suffocate civilisational improvement.

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