Writing While Underage (WWU)

I came across the concept today for the first time, that writing with 'false' authority when you are young, learning and probably stupid is normally regretted in later life. There's also a parallel with entrepreneurs who fail with your money, though people remember losing money more that folks chatting ring i suppose.

This is due to all the misleading done in the process and the damage done by quarterbakedness. In these days of hurried, amplified verbal noise and the proliferation of chaff (not least my own) it is hard to consider WWU an actual impediment to understanding and development. But i guess it is amongst others.

Looking at scholars who i love, theres something about their steadfastness and patience in the face of entropy that thrills me. Whilst politicians, colomnists, journalists and silly bluggers change their minds and whispers to suit various contingencies, scholars have a constancy and the best have a self accounting. This is something which comes with rooting i think, its not a stubborn feature... its just quality.

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This Soul said...

I don't think you should stop the creative creative juices of WWU offenders, rather just make sure they know they are producing a watered version of a fake Rubicon smoothie, rather than a masterpiece virgin daiquiri on the rocks. If they're not deluded into thinking they're good, they'll eventually produce something worth reading. You read a bad Shakespeare play? Maybe not but they probably exist.

And yeh scholars do have that endearing quality of humility, especially in person. But they are susceptibile to political/theological affiliation!