aaaargh Boris!

mayor livingstone was mr london for me, now he has been disempowered by that ever-wise technique of temporary leadership change evolved in the west. Why?

'Its cos dose clumsy ishlamishts buggered themselves.'
'BNP second preference votes'
'Pragmato marxists being anti ken because he was interesting and broadminded'
'Socialist workers splitting from respect galloway and pursueing the left list thing, effectively removing talented campaigners from the ken side'
'London drivers fed up with congestion charging'
'Establishment dissaprocal of Uncle Hugo Chavez's visit here'
'Tory campaign getting out their suburban vote, Labour vote prefering not to turn up.'
'The Evening Standard playing extremely dirty with information and the london electorate'

well its over now.

so london has somehow figured that livingstone was surplass to their requirements and that johnson will be better. the BNP (british) gained a seat in the greater london assembly, and the horizon of possibility has changed somewhat.

Or maybe it hasnt? Politicians and media do sculpt a lot of things, this is one of the reasons why they are the scum of the earth. I am me independant of who sits on a chair. gloomy times ahead though.

As of a few days ago, I feel less welcome in The Bollock (the GLA building that sits just on the south west corner of tower bridge). I feel that the no.25 bus will no longer be.... bendy. Generally we need to buckle down and just get on with things... mentally prepared for the rise of the blue tories.

In some ways its better, tories will pretty much always hate us, look down and denigrate... but at least they are less obviously two faced about it.

Tory London Mayor... am as yet unable to get my head around this.


Yahya said...

Is that how the Mayor's Office is affectionately termed? The Bollock?

Or is that a Fugstarism?

Wa s-salam, Yahya

some random bloke said...

It's bad, really bad.

At least he's funny, right?

It's really bad.

Oh well.