Flashmob Iftari: Spreading the Love

Feeling that Ramadan Tingle? Overwhelmed by how Muslims organise in this month to pull off pretty cute mass rituals of astonishing regularity, scale, character and devotion? Want to add something to Ummahtique Technique?

We'll you have come to the right place.

The Temporary Autonomous Zone is a rather splendid sounding 'space' that social-political movements can create to generate a virtuous mayhem that eludes control. It comes from the imagination of one Hakim Bey whose text can be found here.  Apparently his influences include Sufism, Anarchism,  neo-traditionalism and believe it or not Seyyed Hossein Nasr. 

One way of creating a Temporary Autonomous Zone is through a flashmob, where a large number of people gather suddenly in  a public space, perform an unusual action, then leave.

I'm not sure how it practically works, we'll see no doubt through the following live example. Its Ramadan so there are higher than usual stocks of Ummahtic mojo flowing through us. The niyyat is to generate an atmosphere of care through a Flashmob Iftari with the homeless in Lincolns Inn Fields (Tube: Chancery Lane/Holborn) this Tuesday (9th Sept) at 7pm.

There's no need to fret. Just bring food, friends (albeit the more interesting ones) and share them around. Give invitations to the homeless people who you walk by over the next few days. Do they know its Ramadingdong time at all?

You know it is the Taqwacore thing to do. No organisational branding, no fiqh sticks, just a translation of collective moral initiative, expressed with all the variegation that embodies us. Its not half as pretentious as the words I've just written. 

Really. Just come, share the love. There are plenty of mosques/prayer rooms/bits of green to drop three on when the time comes.


Oz said...

This is going to be epic.

Anonymous said...

your thing is covered by wikipedia!

fug said...

somebody somewhere is really jumping the gun.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who........