HT befuddle 'New' Bangladesh.. again

Hijbut Tahrir calling for khelafat in a random northern town, getting jailed, members threatening Awami League like behaviour and causing the King of the Bingos (hear me when I come), Mahfuz Anam to lacerate himself in the following editorial.
  • He refers to western proscription of the organisation.
  • He blows indignant about how HT views could possibly be held by responsibly people in Bangladesh.
  • He makes out as if the language used by HT is anywhere approaching the levels of bile that our 'traditional' parties spew.
  • With righteous aplomb he equates the threat HT poses to Bangladesh's elite state documentation with the threat posed by a military regime.
  • He does the typical south asian with religion issues thing and cries 'Look what they are doing in the name of our religion.' How very Mujtahid...
  • I think he's effectively spreading HT 'dawa' over his pages. Whether he is stupid, metaphorical, manipulative or all three, Allahu Alim.
I think we can safely say that the movement has been indigenised and maybe humbly suggest the reason for Our Maker creating them to be; simply to mash-up what is already stupid and beyond repair.
On reflection, it is probably quite easy to start a movement of Political Islamic flavour in Bangladesh, especially if you a) have 'English language' capital, b) are not The Jamaat, c) think a little and d) seize on the people's aspiration to perform with enduring value to the audience of God rather than pillocks.
Let us repeat the lesson. Class, (no)(local)Baggage, Brains and Clarity. Liberation Theology? Abul Hashem's Khilafatur Rabbani Mark 2. Anything. PLEEEASE.
So devoid is the political field of any substantial content or action, that I found deshi's very intrigued by the party on my visits there. They already knew more about it than they did about 'south asian Islamic history and discourse'. They expected me to know a lot about party, tell them whether it was any good or not and to be able to figure why they were 'doing so well'.
I am not a supporter, but still contend that HTism is probably a better default option for a sentient Muslim human being who can eat than secularist abdications from the din. In fact my 'critique' is mainly based on my short attention span, non-belief in the centrality of state power to the Programme for the Constitution of Ummahtic Mojo, and a fair dose of snobbery.

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