Political Challenge in Malaysia

The political calculus in Malaysia seems to be evolving under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim, who got the bum end of Mahathir and UMNO over the years. I hope and pray that he's not overly embittered by his maltreatment as to take it out on the people. He did some lovely things when he was in power before (institutional innovations in Islamic further education that the rest of the Ummah should know about).
There's talk of a bunch of UMNO MPs crossing the floor to join his eclectic coalition. I believe i even saw a headline along the lines of '50 Malaysian government MPs flee to Taiwan on Agricultural study trip, and Anwar follows'. Or maybe I was metabolising too much fat at the time, surely I couldnt have made all of it up?
It would be interesting to see the Malays move on from the 'historical redress colonial ganjification/kampongisation' political pole. I love them, but they do share space with two other of the cutest races on Earth and in Asia, Indians and Chinese. Late great Syed Hussain Alattas experimented with multiracial politics through Gerakan in the 1960s, but things went a bit pearshaped. Now lets see what happens.
Unfortunately Farish Noor doesn't blog anymore so all I have to point to is this Al Jazeera East 101 prog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvw05xsjPQU

There was this hymn we used to sing at school, it was one badass chooon. Seems appropriate

Would you walk by on the other side
When Anwar called for aid?
Would you walk by on the other side
and would you be afraid?

Cross over the road my friend
Ask the Lord His strength to lend
His compassion has no end
Cross over the road!

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