The Browning of the Green, Another anoying thing about this financial mayhem

As times get tougher I am afraid that I expect a sidelining of the green agenda in favour of something else. There is something wrong with the system of valuing non-material matters when bankers usually accorded a high social status cause such harm to the public interest as they have done. And to top it all offer themselves up to solve the mess they created in the first place. Old school and false logics about growth seem to be dominating the headlines now. Its really sad. Even if people did suspect greenwash before, we may see how shallow things can get in the next few months. On a hopeful note, I do expect Out Twin Gandalfs: of Vince Cable and Archbishop Rowan Williams to keep their heads and pronounce wise things.
The UK government is very proud, and shadily and boastfully so, of its international climate change credentials. CC has become an effective 'scientific' diplomatic tool. For instance, it 'Climate Proofs' its 'International Development' interventions. They are making huge claims of 80% reductions in Co2 by 2050, a political economic commitment that is so far on the political horizon that the electoral cycle (which operates at 0.0000000317 Hertz assuming maximal 5 year intervals) seems hopelessly inadequate. George Monbiot explains it well. The spatio-temporal commitment and continuity suggested is hard to fathom. For this and many other reasons, we really do need to value and nurture Foresight and Tawhesion.
preachy preach preach preach.

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