Standard Disease

In Bangladeshi hoity-hoity parlance, Dhaka University, the East Bengal extension of the Alighar project, is referred to as 'once being known as the Oxford of the East'. WITH NO SENSE OF IRONY. It takes a few pills to explain why this amuses. Think of,
  • Oxbridge as a reproductive engine of coloniality, training administrators for the empire.
  • The Alighar project as a post 1857-uprising Muslim initiative to change educative tack.
  • Alighar's modernist and attempted knowledge culture synthesis's.
  • Its graduates association with the Muslim League.
  • Bangladesh as a step away from the Muslim League's Pakistan.
  • The illusion that Dhaka University was ever of significant to anyone other than the communities it promoted up the local social ladder.
  • The self conception of 'East', considering that Bangladesh is in the middle of Asia.

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