When I found you lurking on the Guardian website
Who would have guessed you'd set my world alight?
How can such a space exist?
in a scene jammed shut with lies and mist
It was young lust, alas unrequinted
as i tapped my keyboard my heart it pounded.

Humanising craponomic decision making
to dignify our heedless baking
Your reports actually cause me grating
Buzz words abound the world you're shaping.
I searched my soul and wrote some tat
how I'm so awesome and enthiusiastic and crap.

As I clicked send i felt a fade,
at a futile gesture or history I'd made
Would you read my application?
would someone else fulfill your station?
How many more times must I submit?
to other patrons who's taste is sh!t.


sasha said...

The future's bleak, it's not Orange and it's not Brown

Saima said...

Ha! (Thought I'd comment this time rather than just lurk.)