Article - Are we black fools or do we need black schools?

Lee Jasper got a lot of stick in the dying hours of Ken Livingstone's London Administration. As the Neocons, the black cabbies, the smellier think tanks and parochial interests stood firmly behind Boris the attack dogs of the Evening Standard took bites out of Ken's political allies at every opportunity they took.

I was all for giving Boris a go, after ungrateful Londoners foolishly elected him in. Scolded mean hearted Labour people. Yet he has politicised the Police force in a a new way and destroyed a lot of Ken's institutional innovations particularly by shutting down elegant Climate Change activity in London.

Anyway, so Lee Jasper is having a play with a much deeper issue, of appropriate pedagogy and explores the potentials of Afroconcious black male schooling.
I wish the idea and its translation luck, irrespective of the people involved. A dignifying construction of pride can't be bad right?

Too many people in this country over estimate the role of an imagined monolithic schooling system in ensuring cohesion and social integration. Its the default option and stifling of the imagination. It has generated a culture of cloning.

education is cultural and social reproduction. The right to reproduce your values and experience institutionally is a fundamentalt one to stress in these deculturing and homogenising times.

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