The actors just guess worse in different ways

And so the tragic, embarrassing tale that is Bangladeshi political life continues with the main parties unrepentant, and making more stupid unreasonable statements. They should really implode at some stage. Interestingly, the new election rules have provision for a 'none of the above' assertion to be made by the voter. I hope the potentials of a new election following a strong 'to hell with both of you' vote is strongly voiced and and then executed. I would then be amused at democratonic interpretation of the 'people's voice'.

I suppose the roots to such dumb parties come earlier, through the foolishness people displayed by adding legitimacy to people unable to protect their interests. These ballot or bullet powered transitions from frying pan to fire are usually done in times of oppression, disorientation, disunity and desperation. Each election, they do it again and again. It is as if there is no learning in the system just a commitment to waste and destruction. These behemoths of cruelty and institutional occupation got stronger off the fat and the foolishness of people. Voting has been regarded as a virtuous act for too long, regardless of intention. It must be established that voting for a pratt, even if to counterbalance another pratt is no answer at all to the problem of leadership.

It is difficult for the less powerful to come out of this trap. It would be so much easier if elites, pseudo elites and subalterns 'got it'. Grass roots is not the only anti-entropic cliche that could be used to pin ones hoped on. Usually anybody invoking the term 'grass roots' is playing a game. How about green shoots, blossom buds, petals, fruit, branches and trunks?

The caretaker's have been promising in places, but rather dissapointing and inept in others. Truly, it is probably the hardest thing in the world to govern a place like Bangladesh. Its easier to take power. you just abdicate repsonsibility to an outsider. In history, each time a party takes a risk to seize control, they ally with a bigger power complex, losing essential dignity in the process. Both scope and hope decline with each seizure. And yes, I regard the second national independance event as one of these seizures.

What amazes me is that these seizure events create political capital amongst folks who know no better. They are kept parochial, locked into Bangla and disturbed to realise how naff it all is. Heroes are created of tools, and perpetuated to the level of real delusion. Demons are created of tools, and intergenerational poisons are spread with pride.

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