Buying Sovereignty

The new president of the Maldives has made and interesting announcement. He is going to create a fund so that future generations may live in another area should the beautiful islands in his custody dissappear underneath the ocean as a consequence of the transgressive, modern orgy of unabated democratic liberal consumption and greed.

A few years ago, in a move that gave me impression that the human race might make it for another few generations, New Zealand took in a lot of Pacific Islanders.

Buying a new home is more dignified than receiving another's neighbourliness. If, for instance, engineering yourself out of danger with your own mojo is not an option. It poses new questions of the disease of exclusivist nationalism that the chocolate coloured folks have caught from Old Europe.

Ok then, maybe little questions. President-saab is thinking regionally, a piece of Sri Lanka, or a piece of India apparently. His present population is ~300 000, so its not as much of a mind-altering prospect as the 'projected' 15million from Egypt or 16 million from Bangladesh.

Lots of questions come to mind, about how this might pan out. It suggests a new kind of international cooperation. It resembles how in Ummahtic negotiations, countries with large 'spare' cultivatable land (West Africa, Indonesia) may cooperate with land-poor countries (Gulf lot) in the field of 'Agricultural Productivity'.

In the past hijra century, the mohajer-ansar paradigm has had mixed and disintegrating effects. What of the environmental refugees?

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