There is cheese pouring our of holes in the sky

Will you people just shut it already, I mean I'm happy that you are happy that Obama was voted in, but you aren't even a citizen of that country. In fact you are usually so apolitical that I think you must have been swayed by Hollywood on this one. Get this, the result of a US election is not the determining factor in the course of world affairs, that factor is you folks getting your sh!t together.
Yes the demonstration effect may be interesting for people of African origin all over the place, but doesn't the 'this must mean we aren't racists anymore' vibe dripping off the headlines sicken you? The worst characteristic of the US, and this can be said of all large countries, is that its tendency to rape and loot the earth and its people as an ensemble has recently outweighed its better and more gorgeous individualistic ones. One election can't really change that, especially if you consider the nasties who have involved themselves with his campaign. To spell it out, US foreign policy is pretty continuous.
I admit sighing with relief at the fall of the BJP a few years ago in India, but one must not stake one's hopes to the electoral processes of another land. I didn't find the Congress appealing, their brahminical boringness and naked regional aggression is well known, yet through their election India's faith communities got some welcome breathing space and eyewash. Eyewash is more soothing than a kick in the ribs.
The Muslims of America were blanked out by both of the parties. This is sad because those folks really believe (have sold out to) that American Dream. Anyway..
  • How are rascist leaders in parts of Arabia, South Asia, Russia and South America going to deal with a black man, who in other contexts they would call a 'monkey'?
  • How is David Cameron and his pro American Conservative party going to adapt their teat drinking habits to Obama Bhai?
  • Are we going to see the rapid rise of Environmental issues and departments in the new adminsitration?
  • Is Ralph Nader going to run again?
  • In the next 8 years how will America's latest conquests (Afghanistan and Iraq) fare?
  • How many more countries, who didnt knock down the towers, will get angulled?

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