How did Abdul Kahar come to be shot?

A few years ago an innocent bro was shot in a post-Fajr(dawn) raid on his home in Forest Gate London. The double risk issue gripped me and others for a time. The first is the risk of harm from our era's crazies, and the second is harm from those charged with guarding us from our era's crazies.
One issue that is alleged to have played a critical role in this specific, stupid state act of violence is the 'security tip-off'. The tip-off which proved to be a pile of rubbish in the end, but on the basis of which the 'Guards' were compelled to act.
A rather hopeless and perhaps hapless Guard told me recently that he expected this kind of thing to happen more and more frequently, he was resigned to the clash, the poor sod. Still the problem is not completely with the police. The police smear campaign against Abdul Kahar is not my interest here.
I do wonder whether this misinformative 'grudge propagation' is punished adequately. Either by the legal system, the security institutions and the ethno-religious communities.
I don't think it is. By 'punishment' I guess I mean being made an example of, even figuratively. Believers historically don't sweat occupiers and open enemies. Its the Self-Harmers what screw them time and time again. The Self-Harmers are known to delude themselves into believing they are doing the 'right thing'. Unfortunately, techniques for reducing the impact of Self-Harmers are rudimentary at best, clumsy executed and cruel at worst. Best not to wrong people upstream and avoid the problem altogether methinks.
Grudge Propagation and the related political theatrics are a criminal misuse of both the faculty of speech and social reproductive rights. The problem is much broader that the single case of Abdul Kahar. This 'malevolent noise' retards resolution of difficult problems and the refinement of social techniques of self correction. It makes otherwise sane people go ape.
Let's take stock and appreciate that the confused, confusing, meddlesome and patronising social engineering of Muslim organisational life in the UK is going to be in fashion for ages. There is much capital to be made; symbolic, social, 'scientific', economic and political. The industry has a high spend (human safety is involved after all) and even sprouts specific academic credentials from time to time.
The issue has already attracted the attentions of several kinds of rent-seekers. Let's look at four garden varieties who have their snouts at the trough and who are making a mess.
  • Former members of relatively uninteresting and at best obliquely related Muslim political organisations feeling hard done by and selling their boring "hug'n'tell" stories of wasted youth activism. Resentment propagation in the 'slim community is an interesting phenomena.
  • Avowed secularist types of Muslim background, who bring other political baggage and resentments into their blamestorming operations, further muddying the waters, targeting their enemies and scaring big hits on any dignity they may have.
  • Those with particularly focused extra-Territorial loyalties, eg. to the Jewish National Project, who are fond of broadening the problem to include their problem, squaring the problem, then cubeing the problem to cause maximal self-serving political impact.
  • Those who capitalise on the blame-storming and take no actual responsibility for community dysfunctions which make people feel endangered by Muslims. Responsibility does not mean self-immolation or secularist abdication, but reflection, adjustment and searching. Some of those who seem to have somehow floated to the top are remarkable 'liberolic' about this. Liberolicism is the inability to think about anyone or scale other than the individual, anyone other than one's own little self.
Geopolitical cards are difficult to lay hands on. I guess they won't come to hand for a while yet. Total control over 'combustible muslim youth' is hard to invisage also. In the interim, I recommend that the toxic, disintegrating and distracting effects of Grudge Propagation need to be dampened by enactments of justice, wisdom and mercy.


Yahya said...

Neologisms are all very well but Fugstar seriously I'm worried you are developing a private language game here. Remember Wittgenstein and more importantly that the Sunna is to tailor communication to your audience.

in peace, yahya

Fugstar said...

yes yoda

Yahya said...

Jedi master me not. Glove puppet maybe.