Fork off you forking Pakis!

This really takes the biscuit. One again realises that this country has no concern for anyone else other than itself. Nooooope, the Muslims of India are not safe from its forked tongue.... you'd (naively) think Bangladeshis might get less malice. But you'd be in Ummahtic-cloud-cuckoo-land.

If only I could argue this one out with Allama Iqbal now and have access to a time capsule.

I can see this playing well with Hasina's new Awami League government in Bangladesh. They are all for some highly dubious 'south asian tewwow agreement' and sucking on the Obamas manboobs for Development, Deradicalisation and Social Spastication dollars.

I think im going to study the similarities of spastication between PPP and the AL. You bingos are such pakis, you pakis are such bingos. I am so glad my honour doesnt depend on either of you.

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