Halal Turkey Bacon in every cafe is the solution i tell you.

You have to laugh at the UK government sometimes. Sometimes because no other emotion ticks the correct box. The campaign to corrupt every level of muslim organisation is now apparently changing tack. A fatal lack of mental toughness has resulted in folks, who are far away from violent crime, perverting themselves to 'engage' it. For local governments keen to bribe mosques to take on their service burden, the preventing violent extremism jive is another technocratic chocolate bar. Why are they obsessed with mosques? as if potential terrorists are institutionalised fellows.....

Its important to analyse the whole situation that makes the government so stupid and evil, and the interests that constantly negotiate new levels of retardedness. Some sell-out academies now offer MA's in terrorism related guff, think tanks devote a quarter of their 'resources' to pissing in the wind on this matter, experts inform and rub each other's backs and the powerful wilfully prevent certain obvious facts (the foreign policy link) from being accepted into the official public vernacular.

Meanwhile our organisations are weakened by criticism and their horizons narrowed by myopic mojolessness.

Lets imagine some headlines...

  • Muslim Organiser arrested for advising aspirant students not to become medics and thus 'moronic NHS lackeys'.
  • One million Muslim males arrested for refusing to accept homosexuality. We'd have locked up the women, but we are hoping that some of them will breed with us while all the alternatives are unavailable. What do you mean they still wear headscarves?
  • Muslim elder held for 48 days for contextualising Two Nation Theory as a defensive solution in British Occupied India during the 30s and 40s.
  • Mother arrested for forbidding her children from having sharia subverting sexual relations with white people.
  • Muslim institution's assets frozen for not playing footsie with government poodle.
  • Ten thousand Muslims finally do some superfiqh, converting to Judaism in order to get away with being thoroughly socio-culturally inbred, yet accepted by 'mainsteam' society.

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