When you consume me you give me value

This is an analysis of the essence of pakihood. I mean no insult to Allama Iqbal, and the dreams of many others. What I'm talking about here is a kind of undignified behaviour that makes me want to eat my face.

There's an annoying salacious rumour doing the rounds of the yaar yaar types and white town. Its providing actual pride to the yaar types. It involves a hollywood actor and a young lady from a significant south asian muslim political family.

Sure the symbols this generates are potent: politics,  exotic east, entertainment, sensuality, western domination, eastern subservience, and most critical of all, a brown delight at providing consumable entertainment for white people, and hence essential worth to themselves.

But its just another addition to a long list of cultural capitulations. Take my country, pervert my religion, teach it to me, take my assets, take my dignity...oh and while your at it, enjoy my curry and my sisters. While im watching you rape my culture, let me take lots of your qualifications to prove my worth according to your great white standards.

This comes several weeks after the cringeworthy news that some proto-yaar-type did 23 A-levels, only to study IT at Cambridge. erm... mashAllah.

Come on guys, where's your spirit of the Pind? don't tell me Clooney won't get honour killed over this? At least refuse to regard this as anything but shameful, remember that actors and actresses are values at the same level as prostitutes where you come from, at least complain about class mismatch? Or is his white symbol far just too potent?

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Jaez said...

Don't get mad, get even.

The problem isn't with sex, or the rumours, but the interpersonal, and inter-community issues surrounding both.

Possessive of ourselves and our futures, we want equity of influence, equity of esteem, and our memories and our eyes show us neither are present.

Culture should be shared, english, indian, islamic or other it is experienced before it recognized, before being valued. Perhaps the same is true of people, men and women. Who knows.

Forget the rumours, go meet the girl. Find out the truth. See what is really going on.

If the truth upsets you further, then take a page from the Joker: Introduce a little anarchy, and playfully change the world as it knows itself, and knows you.