June 4th Election Patronisations

Another round of local and euro elections are upon us and the infanticidal political logic bleeding into the citizen's decision-making space suggests one should vote for a major party to minimise the effect of the BNP.

Apparently this logic becomes stronger because of the 'expenses scandal' that is 'rocking' the public's 'faith' in parliament.

Technocratic logic's of 'But the LibDems aren't strong' or 'The Greens aren't practical' abound and politics in the UK is thus rendered self-stagnating. Nope and we wont have proportional representation in the national majlis either.

Its politics you muppets, you create possibilities with your imagination and social action, you shift power alignments and you oxygenate worthy political organisations.

We the society make a collective decision, and for our active health need the best answers and make sense of the uncensored composite mess. We need to know this to understand who we are in a polychromic snapshot, black and white line art is insufficient.

Dont worry, big business will find a way of fighting it's corner. They do not need you.

So here's the game plan for next year. Engineer a hung parliament and a sequence of events that puts Vince Cable in charge.


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