they are wiping Palestine off the map : terrorism through tourism

I saw adverts for israel today on the underground. Adverts that erase Palestine from view. Strange how such cartographicide could be allowed. 

It's interesting to notice the symbols that the tourist agency play on to attract punters to that terrible occupation state. Not the fresh red blood of Gazans on the streets, or the tragi-comical eurovision peace songs. What kind of tourist....

israel has the largest arsehole footprint on the face of the Earth. It could quite easily have been avoided. Don't you wonder how different the world would be if the brits had not given in to zionist terrorism and abandoned the palestinians in 1948?

Shame on London Underground, shame on CBS Outdoors and of course the Advertising Standards Agency. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign have some actions you can do.

Travelers with a sense of justice are strongly urged to take creative measures to protect punters from being misled.

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